Kvinnor med stark vilja och tro. Män i uniform, kuskar, musiker. Fotogafier som börjar tyna bort. Brev fyllda av omtanke och kärlek. Dokument som ger inblick i seder och bruk.

Cecilia Herslöf's Family and Ancestors

Cecilia Herslöf and Claes Erik Johnsson 
On November 18, 1888,  Cecilia, a hussar daughter marries Claes Erik, a kind and sweet military musician. They are the parents of Wiktoria and Inez.

Cecilia Wiktoria (Tora)
Wiktoria married Karl Högbom. Wiktoria, nicknamed Tora, is a loving woman who keeps her strong faith and loyalty to her family thru hardships. Wiktoria was born on April 25th 1887. She is Cecilia's oldest daughter and Inez' older sister.

  1. Inga Viktoria foundly remembers her father.
  2. Maj Margareta born 8 months after her father has passed away in the Spanish Flu.

Inez Margareta (Isse) Johnsson married Otto Gustaf Graf. She is Cecilia Wiktoria's younger sister. A passionate woman ahead of her time: .........

  1. Eric Lars-Gustaf Graf, Isse's only child. Lars-Gustaf was killed when his J 22B fighter plane crached on June 6, 1946. He would have turned 20 years old on December 22nd that year.

Karl Erik Johan Högbom 
Cecilia Wiktoria's husband. Karl Erik Johan Högbom was born on July 16th 1888 in Stockholm. As a young man Karl is an ambitious Master Electrician but has to pawn his watch sometimes to make ends meet. Since his late teens, Karl courts Wiktoria (Tora) . After many years of Karl's courtship Wiktoria marries her Karl (Lalle).

The Cassels
Close friends. A photo album of sailing, dancing, music, and special events.

Surnames in the Herslöf Family Tree

| Andersdotter | Carlsson | Cronholm | Graf | Gustavsson | Herslöf | Hintze | Holst | Hyberg | Håkansson |
| Högbom | Johnsson | Malmstedt | Malmborg | Nordhaven | Sontag | Tulstorp |

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